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HeartBroken today God has gotten my ears and eyes in a grip and is Teaching me lessons everyday of my life in the most excruciating way. My people & Mutual Friends/Family had been trying to link us for a minute... I was in the city, running thru the hood hollin' at the homey's while filming on a jam packed schedule ... Letting them spit their pain on camera and give the hood a voice to be heard & let the world see young black men in Unity. God had you on my heart to come and holla but later that night it got too dark out so I figured I'd beable to just catch you another day and let you share your story with the world on my platform, now it's too late. Without us getting to link , you've still taught me a lesson that it seems I'm learning everyday thru pain.. That is to LISTEN when THE MOST HIGH speaks & Always Go with your heart because nothing's ever for sure & cherish life! Now go , my brother and be free, from this hellish human experience and let your spirit ROAR & SOAR & follow where God takes you. Your tomorrow no longer belongs to the earth. F L Y F R E E ALL way's, always. rest in peace. @bty_youngn Another Fallen Soldier. Prayers up to the whole family! Sending all my love Prayers for my city. neWARleans



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