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ran across this video and it brought me ALL the JOY! It taught me how we can have so much love and support right in front our faces but being stuck and trapped in our own misery can completely blind you. The enemy wants to trick you, confuse you, rob you, deceive you, out of everything that you truly are & what you truly desire. The catch is, the enemy is ourselves! We get in our own way most times because of depression, defeat, life gets tough & then we give up on ourselves. I'm learning that life is about being a mirror for one another, showing eachother the beauty we posses when we can't see it within ourselves. I say all this to say get out of your own way people. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keeeeep pushing!! & my brother @kevinhart4real Thankyou for being a mirror for me! An inspiration, a role model for many so that we can see ourselves in that which is most true, Love & Laughter! I love you and your family bro. Congratulations to you & "your rib" on the blessing to come.



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