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... So last night I had a show & I'm super protective about the things and people that I love... because of that my friends, family, & people I care about, I tend to keep them away from my concerts/shows. I tell them they are not invited & to stay home because of this crazy world we live in and my own paranoia. & also when there's too many Goddess in the room, it makes me nervous. Lol (It's just the way that I am) but here's a moment of even when I said no to the ones I love, they SHOWED TF up anyhow disregarding everything that I said Get you some loved ones that don't care nothing bout what you talking bout, ones that show up & show out thru any weather. Thankyou to part of my village pictured here in this moment for your incredible & unwavering love & also to the rest of my village for your unconditional love. You know who you are



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