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Im typing this message from the bus, delirious & exhausted from no sleep on this road life... But I also feel blessed because My baby girl is 12 years young on today! I remember holding you when you were just welcomed into the world thinking WoW, God Thankyou for reminders of what we all truly are; Gods children and gems of love & innocence in need of being polished by the ones we love. I always say to my brother in my head YO Mel, look at the magic you've created here on earth within your girls... Inside and out! I am happy to be a shield for them & to be their protection & a safe haven/foundation for them. Happy birthday to you my you sweet princess .. No words can express how much i love watching you & your sisters blossom into a beauty that is authentically angelic & graceful all while with a strength that is unmatched. Happy Birthday My Birthday Girl, Its Your World. #BlackGirlMagic @_cutie_babies



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