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Looking at this picture, I go.. Wow! Aug, you really pushed through!!! On This tour, I've experienced just about EVERY emotion possible & you all showed up for me every night & experienced it with me & carried me on through.. Cheered me on through.. Uplifted me on through it. We danced (I know I can't dance but IM THE BEST DAMN DANCER IN MY MIND) & if you disagree you can catch these hands nah but we laughed, we cried, we worshiped God, the most high. Every night when I couldn't see myself, You've shown ME myself in YOU and for that I'm a so grateful! You showed me what we are naturally here to do for one another on this earth, and that is to love, heal, support, pray, and cheer each-other on as we go through! Through any sickness, any weakness, any sadness, and our happiness too! Thankyou to my beautiful fans for carrying me and cradling me through my Highs and My Lows & doing it with SOLD OUT SHOWS!! Finished the #DontMatterTour out w/ the FLU & each and every night yal helped me PUSH THE FUCK THRU w/ loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee! & to my fans in Canada, I promise I will get right back to you when your country stops treating me like a criminal Peace & LOVE Oh & S/O my amazing team for dealing with a crazy nigxa every night on the road and making this a success! I love yal #DontMatterTourChronicles



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